Simply Whitstable Excellent Photo's and comment
  Sunset Town Good site with novel ideas
   Whitstabubble Friendly site with lots of Blah Blah
  Whitstable.org Good site lots of information
  Whitstable.com FSC Music's Site
  Whitstabletown.co.uk Run by those nice people at ORIC Comps
  Whitstable Windsurfing Live Weather and all your windsurfing gear
  Whitstable Rotary Club: Makes us Dizzy
   Whitstable Museum Secondhand Emporiam
  Whitstable Oyster Festival: The Mollusc's Ball
   Whitstable Town FC: More to do with Balls
    Whitstable Yacht Club: Only damp people need apply
  Steve's Whitstable & Herne Bay site:Great site in the true spirit of the net !!
Granvillecliff site:Seasalter site ,history and excellent P hoto's of past times