Dolls house wall cladding and Floor tiles

Stretcher Bond
This is where the long face of the
brick is shown. It would have been used on houses where the wall was one brick thick. And then on modern houses where
there is acavity wall construction.

Available as
Stretcher red brick black mortar
Stretcher red brick grey mortar
Stretcher red brick buff mortar

Flemish Bond This was used where the wall was two bricks thick.Every other brick was turned to show the end giving an extremely strong wall.

Available as

Flemish red brick black mortar Flemish red brick grey mortar Flemish red brick buff mortar


Herringbone Bond Herringbone was used to decorate Tudor houses between the timber frames.

Available as

Herringbone red brick black mortar

Herringbone red brick grey mortar

Herringbone red brick buff mortar


All brick sheets are 25.5 x 13"
georgian block
yellow brick
Cotsworld stone 25.5"x14"

Flagstone 25.75" x 13.5"
Georgian Block 25.5"x 13.75
Stretcher yellow brick 25.25" x 13"
red kitchen tile
terracotta kitchen tile
dolls house floor tiles quarry tiles
Kitchen tile red 25,25" x 13"
Kitchen Tile Terracotta 25.25 " x 13"
Quarry Tile Red 25.25" x 13"
Quarry Tile Terracotta 25.25 " x 13"

All above Claddings are £12.00 per sheet .

There are many regional variations in colour of brickwork. The local clay would give different colours of brick and the sand used for mortars varies, so no two areas would really be the same.

The same coloured brick but with a different mortar would also look different. It is best to stick these sheets on using a contact adhesive. Evostick safe 80 ® it is easier to use than others also non flamable, non toxic and allows plenty of working time.

Glue for the Cladding is Available
250ml £8.00
Unless otherwise stated, all Roof sheets below are 34.25" x 13"
Claddings are £19.00 each
grey slate tiles grey slate dolls house roof tiles roof slates
Large Slate Grey
Large Slate Grey With Verdigree
Small Slate Grey
Small Slate Grey With Verdigree
red tiles bronze tiles terracotta tiles grey tiles
Worn Clay Tiles Red
Worn Clay Tiles Bronze
Worn Clay Tiles Terracotta With Verdigree
Old Town Grey
£12.00 22.5" x 10.5"
red tiles hammer headed tiles red hammer headed tiles  
Old Town Worn Terracotta £12.00 22.5" x 10.5" Hammer Headed Worn Red £12.00 23.5" x 11.5" Hammer Headed Red £12.00 23.5" x 11.5"  
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