Little Chloe was diagnosed with NF1 sometime ago....this meant she was susceptibleto tumours and are generally found on the optic nerve Read More
chloe has cancer

She did indeed suffer with an optic nerve tumour and because of this she was scheduled to have yearly MRI scans along with regular optical specialist appointments

that was in May 2007...dueto illness and then having to have hertonsils out she did not have another scan until Sept 2008

3 days after the scan and 3 weeks before ascheduled nuerologist appointment Her Parents were asked to go and see her

Chloe was examined and then taken to play with a nurse whilst Her parents spoke to the consultant - fully expecting her to say that the optic nerve tumour had grown and needed surgery...They didnt expect for her to say that she has 2 tumours or gliomas in her brain

1 is on the right serabellum and 1 is in her brain stem...i suppose you could say she has cancer of the brain in 2 seperate places

Chloe is not 'presenting' with any symptoms as yet so Her Parents are very much playing a watch and wait game.....when she does get some symptoms then that is the time for treatment....apparantly all the data points to better results once effects are shown?

Chloe will probably have Chemotherapy and then if required radiotherapy. The trouble with radiotherapy is that is kills good cells aswell as cannot be targeted at the tumour only and as a result good tissue surrounding the tumour is also killed...this means as it is her brain stem that she would highly likely loose that function....anything from sight, hearing, walking, digestion or even breathing

Her Parents have followed a story on about a 4 year old from leicester called alex Barnes. He has gone to florida to have a tumour removed and then some pioneering treatment called proton therapy...this is more targeted and does not destroy surrounding cells and therefore does not have any side effects

This treatment is not available in the UK !!!!
chloe help
chloe the clown


Jutting out of the Bay of Cadiz, Andalucia is almost entirely surrounded by water, Cadiz lays claim to being Europe´s oldest city. Legend names Hercules as its founder, although history credits the Phoenicians with establishing the town of Gadir in 1100 BC. Occupied by the Carthaginians, Roman and Moors in turn, the city also prospered after the Reconquest on wealth taken from the New world. In 1587 sir Francis drake sacked the city in the first of many Brittish attacks in the war for world trade. In 1812 Cadiz briefly became spain´s capital when the nation´s first constitution was declared here.

The joy of visiting cadiz is to wander along the waterfront with its well-tended gardens and open squares before exploring the old town, which is full of narrow alleys full of market and street life. The Pride of the city is its Carnival - a riotous explosion of festivities, fancy dress and drinking.

Places Of Interest around Andalucia

The Cathdral is known as the Cathedral Nueva because it was built over the site of an older one. This Baroque and Neo-Classical church, with its dome of golden yellow tiles is one of Spain´s largest. In the crypt is the tomb of the composer Manuel de Falla, a native of Cadiz. The cathedral´s treasures are stored in the adjacent museum.

Museo the Cadiz - On the ground floor of this spacious museum there are archaological exhibits charting the history of Cadiz. Upstairs is one of the largest art galleries in Andalusia, including works by Rubens, Zurbaran and Murillo. On the third floor is a collection of puppets made for village fiestas.
Torre Tavira - The city´s official watchtower in the 18th century has now been converted into a camera obscura, and offers great views.

Oratorio de San Felipe Neri - This 18th century church has been a shrine to liberalism since 1812. In that year, as Napoleon tightened his grip on Spain during the war of Independence a provisional government assembled here to try to lay the foundations of Spain ´s first constitutional monarchy. The liberal constitution it declared was bold but ineffectual.

Costa de la Luz (Coast of Light) - This coast line between Cadiz and Tarifa, at Spain ´s southernmost tip, is an unspoiled, windswept stretch of coast characterized by strong, pure light - the source of its name. From the Sierra del Cabrito, to the west of Algeciras, it is often possible to see the outline of Tangier and the parched Morrocan landscape.

Tarifa is named after an 8th century Moorish commander, Tarif Ben Maluk, who landed there with his forces during the Moorish conquest. Tarifa has since become the windsurfing capital of Europe. The breezes that blow on to this coast also drive the numerous wind turbines visible in the hills above Tarifa.

Off the N-340 (The coastal road), at the end of a lon, narrow road, which strikes out acroos a wilderness of cati, sunflowers and cork trees, is Zahara de los Atunes, a modest holiday resort with a few hotels. Conil de la Frontera, to the west is more built up and a lot busier.

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