"Mixed bathing decision shocks Boer War hero "
A Blast From the Past 1920

Donald Clark, aged 62, has toured the Kent seaside resorts looking for `proper women's wear". He has found little to please him.

August: Many councils throughout Kent are allowing couples to swim together, both in the sea and swimming baths but the Government recommendation that the sexes need no longer be kept apart is having a mixed reception in some areas.

One man from Tonbridge, incensed by the relaxation of the old laws, has earned the title of "Britain's Mixed Bathing Censor". Encouraged by the editor of the Tonbridge Free Press and the Daily Mail, Donald Clark, a former Boer War hero, is touring the Kent coast looking for the areas where the sexes are still apart and where women have proper swimming wear.

He said this week that he had seen more potential partners lost on the beaches?"the result of a young man's shock on seeing his pretty dance partner of the night before looking ridiculous in a scanty bathing costume with her hair drawn up under a horrible rubber hat:'

Mr Clark, aged 62, has found little to please him. "Mixed bathing", he said, "will always have a debasing influence by lowering the respect that should obtain between the sexes."

January 10th: 35 people drowned today in the English Channel when their steamer Treveal was in collision.
January 16th: America has passed an amendment to its constitution prohibiting the manufacture and sale of alcohol. The mayor of New York says he will need 250,000 police to enforce the new law in his city alone.
February 11th: The Council of the new League of Nations met for the first time today in St James' Palace, London.
May 21st: The Government has proposed a car tax off 1 per horsepower.
June 4th: With the Treaty of Trianon, signed today, the map of Europe has been redrawn. Hungary is a quarter of its old size, Germany gives territory of Poland and Lithuania, North Schleswig to Denmark and Alsace-Lorraine to France. Two new empires have been created in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.
July 20th: An inquiry opened today in the town hall Folkestone concerning an application from the council for sanction to borrow 10,000 for work on improving the Leas and the Cliff, including the building of a zigzag path.
August 14th-30th: Albert Hill, who runs with Heme Hill Harriers in South London has won the gold medal in both the 800 metres and the 1500 metres at the Olympic Games in Antwerp. Hill who served with the Army and Royal Flying Corps during the war actually ran in five races in five days.
November 6th: An exciting new car of high quality, first introduced at the Motor Show a few weeks ago, will soon be on sale from the sole concessionaires in London. II is called The Orpington built by Frank Smith and Jack Milroy at their Pond Garage, opposite Priory Road in Orpington. The Orpington is a twoseaterwith dickey seat capable of accommodating two small people behind the driving wheel and a 10 horse power engine and will cost 495. A test run was performed today by the Light Car and Cyclecarmagazine which reported that The Orpington had no difficulty whatsoever in surmounting the first hill on Ranmore Common which has a gradient of one in six. Smith and Milroy are well?known in northern Kent. They went into partnership at the turn of the century with a bikerepair shop and then turned their attention to cars. They now hope to enter The Orpington in the London to Lands End motor rally.
November 16th: Bolshevism has triumphed in Russia. The final battle between the Red Army and the Whites has ended in the Crimea with defeat for Baron Wrangel. It has been a long, bloody and chaotic civil war..
December 5th: Scotland has voted against prohibition. After a fiercely fought campaign between the nonconformist church, which claims that drink is the curse of Scotland, and whisky distillers, a referendum has come out in favour of the "wets"