A Blast From the Past 1910
"Hon Charles Stewart Rolls"

Pioneer aviator and motorist dies in crash July 12th: Pioneer aviator, the Hon Charles Stewart Rolls, was killed today when his French built Wright biplane crashed during a flying competition at Bournemouth.

Mr Rolls, the son of Lord and lady Llangattock, was well known on the Isle of Sheppey where many of his early flying experiments were carried out. His death at the age of 33 is a great tragedy, for Mr Rolls was one of the country's most distinguished aviators.

Only a month ago, in June, he became the first person to fly both ways across the Channel without stopping. He was also a renowned pioneer motorist winning the 1,000 miles trial in 1900 and was a partner in the Rolls Royce manufacturing company which bears his name.

Mr Rolls flew regularly from Leysdown where the Royal Aero Club had established its headquarters in a house nearby known as Muswell Manor.He was the second pilot in history to receive an RAC certificate the first going to Moore Brabazon and he helped Frank McClean open a new aerodrome on the Isle of Sheppey at Eastchurch. Eye witnesses who watched Mr Rolls' fatal plunge into the ground said the rudders appeared to break as he tilted the aircraft."There was a crack, a wooden strut fell, the tail bent upward, and the whole machine came forward with a heart rending crash."

The death of Charles Rolls is a particular blow for the Short brothers who have just moved their factory to the new location at Eastchurch and are now producing experimental pusher biplanes of the French Farman type. Other pioneer aviators, Lieutenants Samson, Longmore, Gregory and Gerrard have arrived at the site and a Mr C.R.Fairey has joined the company as works manager.

January 21st: Miners in Northumberland and Durham, angry about proposed eight-hour shifts and round the clock working, have gone on strike and, in many collieries, there is rioting
. January 31st: The wife of an American, Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen has vanished from their home in Camden Town.
February 1st: 80 labour exchanges open in England and are immediately inundated with job hunters.
February 2nd: The National Horse Supply Association says Britain will be seriously short of horses should war break out. Germany and Austria spend 200,000 annually on horse breeding, Britain less than 5,000.
February 14th: The last general election result is in and there has been a deadheat between the major parties. The score card reads: Tories 273 seats, Liberals 273, Nationalists 82 and Labour 42. Mr Asquith and his Liberal Government stay in power, certain of support from Labour.
February 16th: A suit of legitimacy filed by Henri E.J.B. Sackville?West has been dismissed in the High Court of Justice. Today Lord and Lady Sackville will make their triumphant return to Sevenoaks and to Knole.
March 8th: The Royal Commission on Divorce has stated that separation orders are now running at 2,000 a year. There are a large number of couples living immorally and there is an illegitimate birth rate of about 36,900 a year
. March 10th: A film made in Hollywood, a suburb of Los Angeles, goes on release today. It is called In Old California. Hollywood may prove to be a popular site for film companies moving into Los Angeles. May 6th: King Edward VII has died of pneumonia after a short illness. Prince George, Prince of Wales is due to take his oath as King.
May 6th: King Edward VII has died of pneumonia after a short illness. Prince George, Prince of Wales is due to take his oath as King.
May 26th: A French submarine, Pluvoise has collided with a steam ship in the English Channel. 27 have been killed.
May 31st: Sir Robert BadenPowell and his sister Agnes are now forming a youth movement for girls. It will run along the lines of the Boy Scout movement and teach them to be obedient, clean living and resourceful. It will be called the Girl Guides.
July 12th: The Hon Charles Stewart Rolls, the famous British aviator, died when his aircraft crashed today during a flying competition at Bournemouth..
July 16th: A red letter day for Whitstable. The conversion of the parish hall to a picture palace is completed in time for the public to see the film of the funeral of Edward VII. The Oxford Animated Picture Hall, as it is now known, has many special features including free matinees for children and a special curtain that can be drawn around adults , to reduce draughts, not for privacy. Other picture houses which have opened recently include the Marina Picture Hall at Deal, the electric cinema in Station Hall, Maidstone and the Cinema de Luxe in a converted shop in Chatham.
July 31st: Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen, wanted for murder, was arrested today aboard ship. He is the first criminal suspect to be caught by radio. If he is found guilty he will almost certainly be hanged
August 27th: The American inventorThomas Edison has pioneered "talking pictures". His process involves the use of a device which is part camera and pan phonograph, enabling picture and sound to be recorded simultaneously 0. August 13th: Florence Nightin the founder of nursing, has died aged 91.
November 18th: The Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith announced today that the King will dissolve Parliament and there will be another general election. The constitutional crisis has arisen over the House of Lords' veto of the 1909 budget. Women, of course, will not be allowed to vote.
November 19th: Suffragettes have again stonned the House of Commons and I 19 women have been arrested. Winston Churchill orders charges against them to be dropped
December 17th: A 14 year old boy has been burnt to death in a fire at Messrs Dennis Paine and Company's draper's shop in High Street, Maidstone. The shop is completely destroyed
.December 20th: The general election has produced another remarkable tie?272 seats each for Liberals and Tories. Mr Asquith continues as Prime Minister with the backing of 42 Labour MPs and 84 Irish Nationalists
December 22nd: In one of Britain's worst mining disasters, 350 are feared dead following an explosion underground, at Hulton Colliery, Lancashire. It is believed that 1,000 childern are orphaned and one mother has lost her husband and four sons.